Apple Bloom 2017

About Patty Doll

Owner, operator, picker, seller, customer service, and grass mower for Doll's Orchard, LLC.
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2 Responses to Apple Bloom 2017

  1. Lisa Schneider says:

    I like reading your posts about the orchard and I am getting very excited and am looking forward to a healthy fruit crop to can and jam this year. I read that your peach trees were looking good and looked that they will be a good crop this year. I was wanting check check to see if this is still the case. I love your apples and will be by later in the season but I wanted to see what earlier crops you may have and when they will be available. Thanks, Lisa Schneider

    • david says:

      We will have peaches begin to ripen in a few weeks. Our first apples are due off around mid-August. Give a call anytime to discuss this further with Patty – she can take an order for peaches or apples, depending on what you are looking to buy.


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