Apple of the week: Gingergold

A Gingergold apple.

We have opened the marketing season with the “Gingergold” apple. The Gingergold apple is one of the earliest yellow apple varieties to ripen in our orchard.  The fruit is conical in shape and starts out a very pale green, though if left on the tree it will ripen to a soft yellow w/slightly waxy appearance.  Primary usage is eating out of hand though it does make an awesome sauce, crisp and pie.  The flesh resits browning more than other early varieties.  The flavor is mild with a hint of tartness.

This apple variety has an interesting background.  The orchards of Clyde and Frances “Ginger” Harvey  were devastated by the flooding brought to Nelson County Virginia in 1969 by Hurricane Camille.  While assessing the damages to his orchard, Mr. Harvey recognized one tree among his Winesap varieties that was different.  Although planted with the Winesap it produced a yellow fruit, not red.  A local extension agent identified the parents as Golden Delicious, Albermale Pippin and another variety that remains unknown.  This new variety was named after Frances “Ginger” Harvey and was marketed as Gingergold.  A good discovery, as this has become an awesome variety and customers truly enjoy its unique flavor and versatility.

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