Apple Variety of the Week: Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples from our farm.

The Golden Delicious apple is our featured apple for the next several weeks.  Beautiful to behold in the orchard setting, it is flavorful and juicy.  Quite a delight to pick and just as delightful to eat out of hand, the Golden/Yellow Delicious apple is a much sought after variety by our customers at market.  When this  variety of apple ripens, it is  truly “golden” in color.  Not only awesome to eat fresh, the Golden/Yellow Delicious apple produces great results in home cooking and processing.   Whether it is used in an apple dumpling, canned pie filling, fresh pie or sauce, the Golden/Yellow Delicious delivers great results.  Sweeteners are not particularly needed and this is a plus for many who suffer from diabetes.  Some of our customers with touchy stomachs say that this is one variety of apple that they can digest without problems.

Starks Brothers Nurseries acquired the Golden Delicious seedling from the Mullins family of Clay County, West Virginia and propagated it by budding and grafting.  The variety was heavily advertised and became a much sought after variety for many orchards to plant throughout the United States and internationally as well.  This variety has been a mainstay in our orchard for years.  We feel fortunate to be able to offer this  “Golden” to our customers.

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