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New Orchard Update: Development of Pick Your Own!

The past several weeks have been spent “maintaining” the orchards.  The fruit continues its development and with ample rainfall the apples are peaches are increasing in size.  Rainfall has been more than “ample” but after suffering through a drought several … Continue reading

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Bees: Our Partners in Pollination

In my prior post I mentioned that this season’s shorter bloom period in the apple orchard necessitated our getting additional hives of honeybees to help pollinate.  Pollination is essential in the production of many fruit, nut and vegetable crops.  Without pollination of … Continue reading

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2016 Bloom

We have bloom and what a magnificent display of beauty in the orchard!  Breathtaking, really.  The apple orchard was in full bloom 10 days ago and the peach orchard the week before.  The peaches were impacted by the cold temperatures of … Continue reading

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Pruning is Finished, Waiting on Bloom!

Pruning is now finished for another season.  What a great feeling!  We are now in the last stages of orchard cleanup.  The prunings have all been mulched with the flail mower/mulcher and the grandchildren have done a final sweep to gather anything … Continue reading

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February 2016 Update: Pruning, Pruning, Pruning

What’s been happening at the orchard?  Well, that’s simple to answer, pruning, pruning and more pruning.  We have finished pruning the apple trees and at this point of the process, we are most happy about that achievement.  Our next endeavor … Continue reading

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Winter Pruning and Conferences 2016

Winter pruning has now taken precedence in the orchard.  The apple trees are now fully acclimated to tolerate cold temperatures as they have been exposed to freezing temperatures for several weeks.  We perform most of our maintenance pruning while the trees … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Winter Update….

 A new year has begun on the calendar and also in the orchard.  The unseasonable temperatures of late November through mid-December here in the Midwest have put some kinks in the winter work schedule.  Not only is pruning on hold but … Continue reading

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Harvest 2015 has been completed!

Another harvest is complete.  We’ve finished picking the last of the “late” apples in the orchard, that being the Gold Rush and Black Twig Winesap.  Both of these varieties are unique in their textures and tastes.  Every season has its … Continue reading

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Apple of the Week: Yellow Delicious

The apples to be picked this week are an early variety from Stark’s Brothers’ Nursery in Louisiana, Missouri, dating from the late 1920’s.  Our orchard had a nursery in Wenatchee, Washington take scions from the few surviving trees in the old part of our orchard … Continue reading

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Early October ’15 Update

Harvest is proceeding at a fast pace.  We have finished picking several varieties and have begun to pick Winesaps this past week.  As we harvest Chespeakes, we will also continue to pick our Yellow Delicious. The variety of Yellow Delicious in … Continue reading

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