Peach Harvest is Finished

Peach harvest has been completed.  While we had planned to offer peaches  to our customers for a little while longer, the high humidity, heavy rains and intense summer heat created too many adverse conditions.  Peaches actually rotted on the tree because of summer diseases, especially brown rot.  Not picking peaches now but instead we have moved the picking ladders into the apple orchard.

While the intense heat we have been experiencing has somewhat slowed the ripening of the apples, we are picking Gala.  We have other varieties too, but the Gala is the better known.  Nothing like a Gala!  This year the Gala is really awesome.  Over the past years we have noticed that there is a variety that really “struts itself” each harvest.  This year the Gala takes the honors.  Customers buy Gala two to one over all other varieties.  It is marketed as an “eating” apple but the Gala also does well in pies, cobblers and for canning.  Sauce made from the Gala would be somewhat pinkish and  chunky.  The next well known variety on the picking schedule is the Honeycrisp  which will be followed by the McIntosh.

Harvest looks good and as always it is a very busy time of year around our orchard.  Remember we are in a “growing” business and we look forward  to having the opportunity to offer all of you  quality fruit from our orchard.

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Owner, operator, picker, seller, customer service, and grass mower for Doll's Orchard, LLC.
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  1. Carol Hayden says:

    Late to ask but will you be at the North Vernon Saturday Farmers Market today Sat. 3?

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