As 2017 Ends, Preparing for 2018!

Our high density orchard after leaf fall.

First of all, we extend our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas.  As another calendar year draws to a close, it is good to reflect on the many aspects of a successful year.  Thank you again, our good customers and friends. 

It has been great to somewhat relax for the past month or so.  While not so busy with harvest and sales, it is now that we begin to envision and develop plans for another season.  Bloom is months away but now is the time for us to begin working so there will be a good bloom in the Spring.  Cold temperatures over the past several weeks have encouraged the trees in the orchard to become dormant.  Simply explained, dormancy means the trees are not running sap and are asleep and pruning can begin.  If trees are pruned too early, before complete dormancy, there is a possibility of freeze damage. Taking all the factors into consideration, our pruning equipment has thus undergone maintenance and is getting ready to be taken out into the orchard.  While the equipment has been readied, the people using it are somewhat less ready to get started as it is an ongoing, labor intensive venture that goes on for quite some time.

Wishing you the best this Holiday season!

During our “off” time, there was some cleanup work done in the orchards.  Non-producing trees were removed and brush was piled.  Our peach orchard suffered the loss of a fair amount of trees.  The trees were old and the heavy load of peaches this past season really played havoc.  That and the fact that our clay soil did not drain well and having a wet Spring and Summer, phytophthora caused serious disease to the tree roots.  Besides clean-up there was also an application of fertilizer.

We will be attending several Fruit and Vegetable Expositions and trade shows in the course of the next several months.  These meetings “reenergize” and update growers on the latest technology available as well as providing on sight discussions and seminars.  It is a good opportunity for sharing and networking.

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