Harvest for 2017 Winding Down

The past weeks have been spent in an all out effort to finish harvest before the change of weather.  October weather in Indiana is always unpredictable, thus the extra effort to finish the picking.  The Yellow/Golden Delicious apples have been harvested and taken to market as have the Black Twig Winesap, Chesapeake and Gold Rush.  The Gold Rush apple has become a “come back for” variety.  Somewhat new for our orchard, it has become a popular variety because of its long term storage capability.  Black Twig Winesaps could be considered “heirlooms” as this variety is a cross between the Stayman Winesap and Arkansas Black and not grown in all orchards.  Developed in the 1850’s, it mellows in storage and has a long shelf life.  Several of our customers refer to this apple as the “Christmas Apple”  because this is the time frame it develops its true flavor.  As of last weekend our visits to the local Farmers’ Markets are finished.  We will be taking apples yet to the White’s Farm Market in Brookville, Indiana this Wednesday.  After Wednesday, our inventory will be depleted to the point where we will close for the season.

Overall it has been a few good season for our orchard.  Challenges, yes, but nothing insurmountable.  If there wasn’t an opportunity for a visit to our orchard or to the markets this year, we certainly look forward to next year as we are already making plans for another apple season








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