2017 Harvest is in full swing!

Harvest is in full swing.   Cooler overnight temperatures have given the apples a beautiful blush.  The next several weeks will be very busy with harvest and markets.  We enjoy meeting our regular customers and introducing ourselves to new ones at the markets and at our business.

The Gala apples have been picked and are being offered at our markets and at our business location.  Nothing quite like a Gala!  On to the Empire apples this week. The Empire apple was developed at Cornell University in New York State by Lester C. Anderson, a fruit nutritionist at Cornell.  Being developed in “The Empire State” it hence was named after its origin of development, Empire.  It is a cross between the Red Delicious and McIntosh apples.  Red in color, sweet-tart in flavor, it is an all-purpose apple.  Empire apples are good to use in juice, sauce, pies, eating fresh and drying.

Also, this week we plan to pick Cortland apples.  Cortland apples were raised at New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York in 1898.  It was named after nearby Cortland County, New York.  Cortland apples are red with dark red streaks and have a green blush.  The flesh is finely textured and white with a juicy sweet-tart flavor.  Medium to large in size, Cortlands are rather flat in shape.  The parent varieties of the Cortland apple are the Ben Davis and McIntosh.  Cortlands make excellent cider and juice.  Many customers enjoy their unique flavor in their sauce.  We recommend using these apples soon after harvest for best flavor and texture as they do not store exceptionally well.

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4 Responses to 2017 Harvest is in full swing!

  1. Glenda Nieman says:

    Do you have any honey crisp apples? I usually buy them at the Greensburg Farmers market on fridays. Also, how much are they and will you have some available next Friday at Greensburg? Thank you

    • david says:

      Dear Glenda,
      We do have the variety Honeycrisp planted within the Orchard. We have, however, picked and sold all of this variety for the season. Being that we sell produce within a week of picking, it is hard to keep these wonderful tasting and popular apples around.

      We have a number of varieties that are similar in taste profile – which include a number of Gala varieties, Yellow Delicious, and more. Come see us at the market and try a few!

  2. Mary Dieter says:

    Do you have Arkansas Black apples?

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